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Haryana Agro Industries Corporation - An Overview

Haryana Agro Industries Corporation Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking, which was set up with the primary objective of providing service to the farmers of the state of Haryana.

It was incorporated in the year 1967, under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. It has an authorized share capital of Rs. 1000.00 lacs against which its paid up capital is Rs. 414.04 lacs. The Central Government share is Rs. 160.21 lacs and the State Government share is Rs. 253.83 lacs.

Aims & Objectives of Haryana Agro Industries Corporation

  1. To undertake, assist, aid, finance and promote agro-industries such as poultry, dairy, land development, seed related activities and other agro based industries, and to manufacture agriculture implements, agricultural machinery and equipments required for these industries in Haryana and in India, and to sell the products of these industries.

  2. To organise, conduct or manage engineering, repair shop or workshops of all descriptions and to manufacture, import, export, buy, sell or otherwise deal in workshops machinery, agricultural machinery implements, machine tools & metals of all kinds.

  3. To promote or conduct any agricultural, commercial, or industrial enterprise, establishment, company or concern.

  4. To acquire, purchase, give or sell implements, machinery, equipment, appliances, tools etc., either on hire-purchase system or on payment by installments as may be on interest to the company.

  5. To transact and carry on all kinds of agency business of any other company or concern and to do and perform any or all of the several duties, services and authorities appertaining to such offices respectively, and to comply with and become bound by all restrictions, limitations and conditions appertaining to such offices respectively or imposed by the terms of any agreement or agreements entered into for any of the purposes of the Company.

  6. To employ distributors, commission agents and to provide for the remuneration of such persons for their services by payment in cash or by the issue of shares, debentures or other securities of the Company.

  7. To manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, install, work, alter, improve, manipulate, prepare for market, import or export and otherwise deal in all kinds of plant and machinery, wagons, rolling stock, apparatus, tools, utensils, substances, materials and things necessary or convenient for carrying out any of the business the Company is authorised to carry on or which is usually dealt in by persons engaged in such businesses.

  8. To apply for tender purchase, or otherwise acquire any contract, concessions for or in relation to the construction, executions, carrying out, equipment, improvement, management, administration or control of works and conveniences and to undertake, execute, carry out, dispose off, or otherwise turn to account the same.

  9. To acquire any shares, stocks, debentures, debenture stock, bonds, obligations or securities by original subscriptions participation in syndicates, tender, purchase, exchange or otherwise and to subscribe for the same, either conditionally or otherwise and to guarantee the subscription thereof and to exercise and enforce all rights and powers conferred by or incidental to ownership thereof.




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