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Mushroom Research, Development & Training

HAIC has set up a Mushroom Research & Development Project at Murthal (Sonepat) in Haryana under the HAIC Agro Research & Development Center. This project aims to execute / impliment agro based projects which are directly useful for farmers and entrepreneurs of Haryana.

HAIC Integrated Mushroom Research & Development Center
G.T. Link Road. Opp. Engineering College Murthal,
Sonipat. Haryana. 131001
Tel: 0130-2484106, 2484107

Objectives of the Project

  1. To conduct and organise training for growers / entrepreneurs, in mushrooms and spawn production technology.

  2. To test and analyze compost & diseased samples of mushroom growers.

  3. To prepare & sell quality mushroom, spawn, pasteurized compost, casing material etc for commercial growing of mushrooms in the area.

  4. To demonstrate commercial cultivation of mushrooms under controlled environment and seasonal conditions.

  5. Testing / screening of different material of A. bisporous / bitorquis and improvement of strains by applying latest breeding techniques.

Infrastructure Available at the Project Site

  1. Administrative block / office building and stores etc.

  2. Modern spawn laboratory to produce 1 lac kilograms of quality spawn every year.

  3. Fully equipped training hall / lecture room.

  4. Field laboratory for testing of compost / casing / water / other materials used in the growing of mushroom.

  5. Security block, generator / boiler / tool rooms and tube-well room.

  6. Outdoor composting yard with room and guddy pit.

  7. Two bulk pasteurization chambers of approximately 25 tons capacity of ready compost with sufficient spawning area.

  8. Casing soil pasteurization chamber of approximately 10 M3 capacity.

  9. Two environmentally controlled insulated cropping rooms for demonstration and training to the mushroom growers.

  10. Mechanisation facilities.

  11. One hostel for trainees and guest house for trainers / scientists / officers etc.

  12. Store rooms / sheds for storage of material used in composting process.

  13. Landscaping and horticultural works.

Training, Testing & Consultancy Modules

Today there has been a increased realisation in the organisation / individuals towards mushroom cultivation. Keeping in view the dynamism of the technical knowledge with HAIC Agro R & D Center, it has decided to develop different training & consultancy modules with the following objectives.

  1. To educate individuals / organizations through improved methods of mushroom cultivation for the establishment of viable mushroom cultivation units.

  2. To create employment opportunities as mushroom production has emerged as a highly profitable business.

To achieve these objectives HAIC Agro R & D Center has developed the following training / consultancy modules to assist the individuals / entrepreneurs / mushroom growers.

  1. Training

  2. Consultancy

  3. Testing

Details of Program & Fee Structure for Training

A detailed format of training schedule along with fee details & seats available are provided. Please click here for detailed information.




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