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Bee Keeping Training

The Corporation is recognized as State Designated Agency by the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India for development of Bee Keeping for improving crop productivity.

Under the scheme of National Horticulture Mission, the Corporation imparts training to beekeepers, farmers unemployed youth and SC/ST aspirants free of cost and provide free boarding and lodging during training.

The trained, bee-keepers are registered with the Corporation for supply of bee-colonies and bee-hives on subsidy. As per eligibility criteria, the farmers / Bee-Keepers @ 50% of the cost subject to maximum ceiling of Rs.7000/- for maximum of 20 colonies @ Rs.350/- per bee-colony shall comprise of four frames bees including one superior quality queen bee. Similarly, the Corporation also provides bee-hives to the trained small / marginal / SC / ST and women farmers / Bee-Keepers @ 50% of the cost subject to maximum ceiling of Rs.9000/- for maximum of 20 Bee-hives @ Rs.450/- per bee-hives.

The registered bee-breede4rs are eligible for financial assistance for grant of aid to a maximum of 50% of the cost of additional facilities subject to maximum of Rs. 2.50 lacs per breeder mainly for strengthening of infrastructure. The performance of the Corporation for the last three years was as under:

Year No. of farmers trained No. of Bee colonies supplied by bee-breeders on subsidy rates No. of Bee-hives supplied by bee-breeders on subsidy rates Grant-in-aid provided to Bee Breeders (Rs. in lacs)
2005-06 320 2680 2680 6.25
2006-07 509 5940 5940 12.50
2007-08 460 - - -


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