Haryana Agro Industries Corporation

Main Activities



 Research & Training

 Procurement of Wheat & Paddy


 Promotional Activities

 Petrol Pumps

 Mushroom & Spawn

 Bee Keeping

 Juice Bars

  Brands of HAIC


Activities & Services

Haryana Agro Industries Corporation Limited offers diversified services in the agro based industry in the state of Haryana. Broadly its activities can be categorized into the following main heads.

1.  Trading Activities

2.  Manufacturing Activities

3.  Agricultural Inputs & Fabrication of Metallic bins

4.  Warehousing (and maintenance of plinths)

5.  Petrol Pumps

6.  Promotional Activities

7.  Bee Keeping Training

8. Research & Training Activities.


The following initiates are being taken

  • Manufacturing of modern agricultural implements such as Rotavator, zero-till-seed-cum-fertilizer drill machines, post-digger etc. at AEW Nilokheri.
  • Manufacturing of new products of pesticides at Shahabad plant.
  • Creating of additional capacity of warehousing.
  • Installation of additional Petrol Pumps and compressed natural / Gas (CNG) Pumps