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HAIC sells reputed brands of Urea and DAP like IFFCO Urea, KRIBHCO Urea, NFL Urea, OSWAL DAP, SARDAR DAP, IFFCO NPK, RCF UREA, certified seeds & bio-organic fertilizers through a strong dealer network. Retail dealers are appointed by District Managers of HAIC, after verification of the reputation of the party. Wholesale dealers are appointed by the MD of HAIC after verification of the reputation of the dealer. Security amount for such distributor / wholesaler is Rs. 50,000/-. The Corporation is engaged in the business of fertilizer like DAP, Urea, SSP, SAN NPK etc. The entire sale of fertilizer is effected from our Farmer Service Centre, Sales Centres and through the dealers network.

Note:- If any manufacturer of fertilizer intends to market their product on consignment basis through the marketing network of HARYANA AGRO INDUSTRIES CORPORATION LIMITED, they may contact the Head Office of the Corporation for the same.


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