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Herbs & Medicinal Plants

HAIC is actively engaged in the trading of herbs & medicinal plants. There is a very high export potential of medicinal plants to the overseas markets & the government has also been encouraging farmers to cultivate various medicinal plants that can fetch them a higher price on sale.

Medicinal Plants

Plants have been used as natural medicines or as constituents in medicines since prehistoric times. They may be used directly as such, or in other extracted forms for their natural chemical constituents. They may also be used as constituents in different forms of medicines.

Herbal Medicine

The practice of use of natural plant substances (botanicals) to treat and prevent illness has existed since prehistoric times and flourishes even today as the primary from of medicine for perhaps as much as 80% of the world's population. Over 80,000 species of plants are used throughout the world in various forms of treatment.

Approximately 25% of the prescription drugs sold in the United States alone are plant based.

Medicinal Herbs Traded by HAIC

1 Agar Wood
2 Ajwayan Seed
3 Aloevera Leaves
4 Amla Fruit
5 Anantmool Root
6 Arkmool Root
7 Arnimool Root
8 Ashwagandha Root
9 Baheda                     Fruit
10 Bail  Chhal Chhal
11 Bari kateil Panchang
12 Bharngi Root
13 Bhringraj Panchang
14 Bijdard Nimbu Seed
15 Batch Rhizome
16 Calendula Flower
17 Chandan Safed Wood
18 Chharila Thallus
19 Chhoti Pippali Fruit
20 Chitrak Mool Root
21 Choti Kateli Panchang
22 Daru  Haldi Root
23 Dev Daru Wood
24 Dhatura Panchang Panchang
25 Elaichi Fruit
26 Falsas Stem
27 Gandh Prasarni Panchang
28 Garbha Chhal Chhal
29 Shati Root
30 Gokhru Fruit
31 Gulab Patti Flower
32 Hing  
33 Jatamasi Rhizome
34 Javitri  
35 Jeera Seed
36 Jeevanti Root
37 Kachur Rhizome
38 Kakoli Root
39 Kanghi Panchang
40 Kapoor
41 Kantatari Panchang
42 Kesar Stamen
43 Khreti Panchang Panchang
44 Kooth Rhizome
45 Kshir Kakoli Root
46 Kaunch Beej Seed
47 Kuchla Seed
48 Lemon Peel Peel
49 Manjith Root
50 Mashparni Panchang
51 Meda Root
52 Mudge Parni Panchang
53 Mulathi Root
54 Nag Kesar Fruit
55 Nagar Motha Root
56 Neem Patta Leaves
57 Padal Chhal Bark
58 Panch Naag  
59 Palla Chhal Chhal
60 Pipla  Mood Root
61 Pippali Fruit
62 Prisht Parni Panchang
63 Pudina Leaves
64 Punarva Mool Root
65 Pushkar Mool Root
66 Rasna Root / Leaf
67 Red Chandan Wood
68 Rhidhi Vridhi Root
69 Safed Chandan Wood
70 Salparni Panchang
71 Satavari Root
72 Saunf Seed
73 Shankh Pushpi Panchang
74 Shyonak Root
75 Sonai Patti Leaves
76 Shilajeet  
77 Tagar Root
78 Tulsi Leaves
79 Turmeric Rhizome
80 Vastnabh Rhizome
81 Vidari Kand Rhizome


Please contact HAIC Head Office for services related to trading of these medicinal plants / herbs.



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